Psychotherapy provides you with an opportunity to openly talk about your thoughts and feelings under the guidance of a trained, caring professional.

What is Psychotherapy?
Also referred to simply as “therapy” or “counseling,” psychotherapy is a treatment provided by a trained psychotherapist.

Talking to a therapist is different from talking to a friend or family member. Therapy is a safe, judgment-free zone, where you are encouraged to speak freely. In addition to listening, your psychotherapist is a supportive guide, trained to help you recognize patterns, gain deeper self-awareness, and adjust your course where necessary.

At Ambre Associates, we have a strong base in psychodynamic thought and practice, which allows us to better understand the unconscious forces that impact you in ways you might not realize. We aim for the bigger picture; the goal of psychotherapy isn’t simply to relieve symptoms, but rather, to help you make permanent changes that can transform your life

Is Psychotherapy Right for Me?
People seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Whether you feel down, stressed, anxious or can’t quite put your finger on why you just don’t feel right, individual psychotherapy can help you gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It could be that you need help processing a specific life cycle event (birth, death, divorce, job loss, move, empty nest … and the list goes on), or perhaps you simply want to gain greater control of your moods.

Some issues commonly addressed in therapy include:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Depression

  • Relationship Problems

  • Recent Life Changes

  • Family Stress

  • Addictions

  • Career Problems

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Loss, Grief and Mourning

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength; it means you recognize that you can’t do this on your own, and that you’re committed to making a positive change. While you might initially worry that talking about yourself will be awkward or uncomfortable—especially if you consider yourself a private person—most clients find individual psychotherapy sessions enjoyable.

Gaining greater clarity around your thoughts, emotions and behaviors is empowering, setting you on a path to personal growth.

Want to learn more? Scientific evidence supports the efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy, as Dr. Jonathan Shedler writes in a study published in American Psychologist.

It’s time to live the life you deserve.

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